Thank you for all you do for us! You guys are my proudest achievement here! (Of many!) If I ever go someplace else with casting requirements I’ll be knocking on your door!

Jim E. Valves & Environmental Safety

Our Engineering team really enjoys working with Eagle and developing new castings for us. The castings are always of great quality. We appreciate the relationship and look forward to future developments.

Matt P. Transportation

Eagle Alloy is a very good supplier and they are very consistent, courteous, prompt and professional. One of the suppliers I worry least about. They communicate very well. Always ship on time which is much appreciated. They always accommodate requests to move orders in or out. They also ship off schedule when I ask them to, which minimizes risk.

Eric S. Construction

Absolutely have no complaints with Eagle. You are a really good team to work with.

Joyce P. Railroad

We have several contacts, all of which are prompt and accurate with information. Very excited to continue a good working relationship with Eagle Alloy.

Sally R. Oil/Natural Gas

Very Satisfied – Excellent Quality, On-Time Delivery, Competitive Pricing. Keep doing what you're doing – it's working!

Bradley H. Mechanical Lifting Equipment

Eagle Alloy is a low maintenance foundry for me. I very seldom do a follow up on purchase orders, as I can trust castings will be delivered on time.

Tammy K. Valve Manufacturer

Deliveries are consistently on time, which allows us to keep our safety stock levels low. "My customer" asked recently how Eagle Alloy performs for us. I told him that we have always found Eagle Alloy to be great to work with. "He" agreed that he has found the same to be true.

Corina A. Motorcycle Equipment Manufacturer

Overall, Eagle Alloy has been a great vendor - parts on-time and good quality. All 10's.

Lori R. Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer

Eagle Alloy is one of the best companies I deal with in terms of efficiency, response time and courteous people.

Mark P. Motorcycle Equipment Company

No problems whatsoever. All 10's.

Bill S. Food Service Equipment Manufacturer

More than happy with all aspects of Eagle's performance. Keep doing what you have been doing - Quality castings on time - more foundries should operate as you do. All 10's.

Jerry Y. Light Pole Manufacturer

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