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Metalcasting resources prepared by the Eagle Group

Our resources include white papers and ebooks on topics of metalcasting, machining and general manufacturing. We design these resources for manufacturing purchasers, executives, engineers and students. By providing information on metalcasting, machining and manufacturing, we hope to increase industry-wide understanding of the decisions involved in metal manufacturing.

All of our metalcasting resources are free to download with registration.

Metalcasting & CNC Machining Process Guide

Metalcasting and CNC Machining Process Guide

This comprehensive introduction to metalcasting and CNC machining offers an overview of key manufacturing processes employed by modern metalcasting and CNC machining facilities like the Eagle Group.

    • Introduction to Metalcasting: history, uses and techniques
    • Introduction to Metalcasting: history, uses and techniques
    • Detailed breakdown of shell mold casting, investment casting, permanent mold casting, greensand casting and airset casting
    • Introduction to CNC machining: origins, uses and techniques
    • Detailed breakdown of CNC machining techniques: milling, turning, drilling, sawing and grinding
    • Metalcasting & CNC machining glossary

Raw and Machined Cast Products Buyer’s Guide

Buyer's Guide to Raw and Machined Cast Products

Before shopping around for quotes, whether it’s for a new product or an already existing part, take a look at our free buyer’s guide for hints, tricks and best practices. Inside, you’ll find:

  • What you need to know about your product
  • How to choose a material
  • How to choose a casting process
  • What to look for in a casting supplier

Shell Molding Process Guide

Shell Molding Process Guide - Free Download

Prepared by Eagle Alloy, Inc., this Shell Molding Process Guide takes a closer look at the steps involved in shell mold casting.

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of the shell molding process
  • Comparison to other casting methods
  • Shell mold casting buyer’s guide
  • Glossary of shell casting terms

Investment Casting Process Guide

Investment Casting Process Guide

Prepared by Eagle Precision Cast Parts, Inc., the Investment Casting Process Guide offers a comprehensive introduction to the history, practice and capabilities of investment casting.

  • History of investment casting
  • Investment casting process
  • Standard tolerances
  • Design recommendations
  • Detailed case study

CNC Machining Process Guide

CNC Machining Process Guide

Prepared by Eagle CNC Technologies, the CNC Machining Process Guide provides a detailed introduction to the origins and modern practice of CNC machining, along with an overview of metrology principles.

  • History of CNC machining
  • Key CNC machining techniques:Turning, Milling, Drilling, Boring, Sawing, Broaching, Grinding
  • Introduction to metrology, measuring standards and essential metrology tools

Manufacturing with Aluminum: History, Forming Techniques and Best Practices

Manufacturing with Aluminum - Eagle Aluminum

Prepared by the experts at Eagle Aluminum Cast Products, Inc., Manufacturing with Aluminum makes a great resource for anyone interested in aluminum casting or manufacturing. We assembled all the basic, need-to-know info in one convenient package.

  • History of aluminum in manufacturing
  • Aluminum properties
  • Forming methods
  • Aluminum alloy comparison
  • Detailed cast aluminum case study

Fabrication-to-Casting Checklist

Fabrication to Casting Checklist - What can be cast?

To find out if your production could benefit from the switch to casting, enter your email above to download your copy of the Fab-to-Casting Checklist. Benefits of casting over fabrication often include:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased strength
  • Reduction of materials
  • Aesthetic Improvement

Case Study: Reverse Engineering on an Expedited Timeline

Eagle Alloy Case Study: Reverse Engineering Cast Products on an Expedited Timeline

This Eagle Alloy case study offers a step-by-step walkthrough of the design, sampling and delivery of cast products manufactured for Cem-Tec Corporation. The study focuses on steps taken to ensure quality and repeatability while sticking to an urgent project timeline.

  • The redesign process
  • Advanced inspection methods
  • Sampling on an expedited timeline
  • How we made it work

Case Study: Finding the Perfect Balance

This case study illustrates Eagle Aluminum’s dedication to continuous improvement in quality control methods. Outlining steps taken by Eagle Aluminum operators, management and engineers to significantly reduce factory returns, the study shows the importance of outside-the-box problem solving.

  • Balancing challenges
  • The solution: fixture-mounted gages
  • Keeping it lean
  • Benefits to the whole supply chain

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