Customer Satisfaction

Eagle Group strives to meet all customer expectations and upholds several values such as integrity, respect, accountability, continual improvement, honest communication and flexibility.  Our efforts to uphold these values have proven results in testimonials shared from our satisfied customers. Don’t take our word for it that we’re the best, listen to what our customers have to say!


“Very Satisfied – Excellent Quality, On-Time Delivery, Competitive Pricing.  Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s working!”

Bradley H.
Production Manager
Mechanical Lifting Equipment

“We have several contacts, all of which are prompt and accurate with information. Very excited to continue a good working relationship with Eagle Alloy.”

Sally R.
Materials Expeditor
Oil/Natural Gas

Absolutely have no complaints with Eagle. You are a really good team to work with.”

Joyce P.

“Exceeded expectations thus far compared to other casting vendors. Communication is fast, consistent and accurate.”

Brian W.

“Eagle Alloy has been very good at on-time delivery!”

Claire P.

“Very good technical feedback on new parts. We have been happy with the timing of initial tooling/samples.”

Michael W.
Supply Chain Manager

“More than happy with all aspects of Eagle’s performance. Keep doing what you have been doing – Quality castings on time – more foundries should operate as you do.” All 10’s.

Jerry Y.
Purchasing Manager
Light Pole Manufacturer

“No problems whatsoever.” All 10’s.

Bill S.
Purchasing Manager
Food Service Equipment Manufacturer

“Overall, Eagle Alloy has been a great vendor – parts on-time and good quality.” All 10’s.

Lori R.
Purchasing Manager
Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer

 “We are looking forward to new business opportunities with EACP.”

Michael D.
Business Development Manager
Commuter Transportation

“Eagle Alloy is one of the best companies I deal with in terms of efficiency, response time and courteous people.”

Mark P.
Motorcycle Equipment Company

“We are very satisfied with EACP’s performance.  Keep up the good work!”

Ryan L.
Industrial Mechanical Transmission Manufacturer

“Deliveries are consistently on time, which allows us to keep our safety stock levels low. “My customer” asked recently how Eagle Alloy performs for us. I told him that we have always found Eagle Alloy to be great to work with. “He” agreed that he has found the same to be true.”

Corina A.
Purchasing Manager
Motorcycle Equipment Manufacturer

“EACP’s has chosen suppliers that provide consistent and excellent quality.”

Bob W.
Sr. Buyer
Pump Manufacturer

“Eagle Alloy is a low maintenance foundry for me. I very seldom do a follow up on purchase orders, as I can trust castings will be delivered on time.”

Tammy K.
Purchasing Manager
Valve Manufacturer

“Eagle Aluminum has been a supplier of ours for many years. They have great customer service, on-time delivery and always provide us with a quality product.”

Diane F.
Production & Materials Control Manager
Blasting Equipment Industry

Eagle Aluminum Cast Products has been a primary supplier for casting needs for 8 years, every aspect of doing business with Eagle is top rate. From quality to customer service, it is a pleasure working with a competent & capable organization such as Eagle Aluminum Cast Products.

Marc. D.
Purchasing Manager
Agricultural Ventilation

“We strive for excellence and expect the same from our suppliers.  That is why we look forward to a long lasting, sustainable relationship with EACP where we will grow in the pursuit for excellence together.

Michael H.
Machining Quality

“Eagle Aluminum has proven itself as a reliable supplier and has solved some long-term quality problems for us. I will move more work there!”

Dan C.
Sourcing Director
Oilfield Supply Company

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