Processes, Capabilities and Tolerances

Eagle Group Processes, Capabilities and Tolerances

The Eagle Group - Machining and Metal Casting Tolerances, Capabilities and StandardsThese downloadable, printable files offer detailed specifications on the various machining and metalcasting processes and capabilities offered by the Eagle Group. Information includes:

  • Dimensional tolerances
  • Design recommendations
  • Characteristics of cast products
    • Size
    • Weight
    • Surface Finish
    • Typical Quantities
  • Full list of alloys poured

If you’re interested in working with the Eagle Group, but you’re not sure which process best fits your project, take a look at our full list of processes, capabilities and tolerances. For more specific information relating to individual processes, try the documents below.

Eagle Alloy, Inc.

Eagle Alloy is a shell mold and airset casting foundry pouring many grades of carbon and stainless steels.  Compared to other steel casting companies, we offer a broad range of value-add services, including: 3-D solidification simulation software, in-house x-ray, advanced quality and delivery programs and a complete machining facility.

  • Eagle Alloy: Shell Molding
    Shell molding is a metalcasting method that utilizes resin-bonded sand to form molds and cores. Compared to no-bake or greensand casting, shell molding is capable of holding to tighter tolerances and producing parts with smoother surface finish.
  • Eagle Alloy: Airset Casting
    Airset casting, also known as no-bake casting, utilizes molds and cores made of bonded sand. Unlike shell molds, airset molds do not need to be heated to set. Though not as precise as shell molding, the airset process is known for its versatility, and can still produce comparatively complex parts.

Eagle Precision Cast Parts, Inc.

  • Eagle Precision: Investment Casting
    Investment casting, sometimes known as lost-wax casting, is a casting method in which molds are formed by coating wax patterns with several layers of refractory slurry, allowing the molds to dry, and then evacuating the wax through application of heat. The process is known for its ability to create products with complex internal cavities, accurate dimensions and smooth surface finish.

Eagle CNC Technologies, Inc.

  • Eagle CNC: CNC Machining & Inspection
    CNC Machining is often the last step in metal manufacturing, or sometimes the only process involved. Compared to other metalworking techniques, CNC machining is capable of meeting the tightest tolerances, and producing the most accurate, precise products over and over again. CNC machining facilities at Eagle CNC Technologies include a wide range of state-of-the-art machinery, from cutting machines to inspection tools.
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