The Eagle Group: Metalcasting and Machining from Concept to Delivery

The Eagle Group is a world-class metalcaster, made up of three separate foundries–including Eagle Alloy, Eagle Precision Cast Parts and Eagle Aluminum Cast Products–and a machining facility, Eagle CNC Technologies.

Eagle Alloy is one of the finest shell molding foundries in the country, and has the ability to produce a wide range of castings up to 400 pounds. The exceptional repeatability of our shell process ensures quality and consistency from one order to the next. More about Eagle Alloy.

Eagle Precision Cast Parts is a precise ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings facility. Our process brings greater design flexibility, superior surface quality and minimal finishing times. More about Eagle Precision.

Eagle Aluminum Cast Products specializes in aluminum greensand castings. With decades of experience in pattern making, casting and finishing, we pride ourselves on the ability to meet even the toughest of lead times. More about Eagle Aluminum.

Eagle CNC technologies completes the Eagle Group’s offerings by providing machining and assembly services for our family of foundries. We have the capability to machine castings of all materials, including steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum and iron. More about Eagle CNC. 

Our customer-first approach and lean manufacturing processes are practiced throughout each facility to provide you higher quality products, shorter lead times, and the lowest possible cost for jobs of any volume or size.

From concept to completion, the Eagle Group is your single-source provider for metalcasting and machining services.

Learn more about the Eagle Group and what we do on the Eagle Group Blog.

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