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Eagle Group Foundries offer steel and stainless steel castings, precision investment castings manufacturing in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, aluminum alloys and processes, permanent mold castings, machining and assembly services


Eagle Alloy, Inc.

Eagle Alloy, Inc.
We offer steel and stainless steel castings made using tightly controlled quality and delivery programs. Shell mold castings made to +/- .030 per inch or Airset mold castings to +/- .060 per inch and delivered to you in 5 weeks or less.

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Eagle Precision Cast Parts

Eagle Precision Cast Parts
Precision investment castings manufacturer in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Castings are made to +/- .005 per inch through a process that has the advantages of producing extremely thin sections, knife edges, and sharp detail.

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Eagle Aluminum Cast Products

Eagle Aluminum Cast Products
A range of aluminum alloys and processes are available on one of several cope and drag lines with mold capacity up to 30" x 80". Permanent mold castings from less than one pound up to 50 pounds and 50" diameter are currently produced.

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Eagle CNC Technologies

Eagle CNC Technologies
Machining and assembly services for all Eagle Group foundries. We have the capability to machine castings of all materials including steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum and iron.

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